Health and Safety

Market leader in franchise health and safety, with 15,000 users over 10 years.

The purpose of the system is to provide evidence of meeting the statutory requirements for H&S compliance.
There are then: statutory and advisory records, a suite of example risk assessments, all official guidance documents provided by HSE, a variety of reports and audits, planner and auto e mail reminders, an e learning module to demonstrate employees have both access and understanding of the arrangements and their understanding of their responsibilities.

All this is supported by: security, resilience and the clever software features of a cloud hosted relational database application, complimented by access to legal advice from top H&S lawyers.
For directors and insurers it is reassuring. For employees it is informative.

The system reduces the onerous administration task, it removes the documentary audit requirements. It is resource efficient and effective.

As a process management tool, it can compliment the intent to maintain a positive perspective on H&S requirements, being a responsibility on all of us, as directors, managers and employees.

As a portal to facilitate engagement at every level with everyone in the business, there is the client facility to add material, as text or video, develop bespoke e learning modules, to further engage all those in the business with responsibilities for their own safety and that of others.

Available as a stand alone application or integrated with other OE Services Applications.

If you are serious about managing risks to your business, brand and reputation, this is the place to start.