We have produced a series of standard comprehensive products to address the common business processes and document management requirements.

Each is available across any scale enterprise, with any number of sites and users.
Each system can be branded for clients and is accessed from desktop icon to a secure domain or sub-domain.

We handle all setup arrangements, no IT skills or hardware is required, other than an internet enabled device (PC, Laptop, Tablet, SmartPhone) and a current internet browser.

Systems may be bespoke or modified to meet client exact process requirements in any discipline, or, sector.

Each is fully supported with online, youtube videos and telephone support provided by the actual UK team that develop the systems.

For a simple, familiar to use and easy to navigate system.

Giving directors, managers, and employees easy to understand explanations of the legal and practical requirements.

Shows what to do and when to do it. All records and Risk Assessments are linked to the Planner so you can see immediately what is due and when – simply click through to the specific item to update.

Templates for all equipment and processes linked to the automatic action planner – couldn’t be easier.

Reduce and control the risks associated with employing external contractors.

All the examples you need to edit and adapt to your own operations. Templates available for you to create your own assessments.

Automatic reminders posted before activities and actions become due. These escalate if items go overdue.

An auto import can be run at any interval to ensure all employee records are current on the system.

A very comprehensive reporting suite allows instant visibility of site and group performance. Report Builder allows bespoke reports. All reports may be exported to Excel and can be auto generated and auto e-mailed for management review.

You chose the most appropriate management structures and reporting systems to meet your individual needs and situation.

Included as standard with Risk Manager is a Q&A multiple choice E-learning record, to show all employees have access to information and understand their responsibilities. This facility can be tailored to include your bespoke Q&A’s photographs, videos, etc.

PCs, laptops, tablets, smartphones and Apple hardware are all fully supported through cloud hosting – no additional IT, internet or browser costs.

Group wide records may be imported to each specific site.

Group editorial control is a feature of the Permissions structure where clients have professional advisors.

The facility to store all your existing management documents in one place, for easy access and reference.

From the simple online Q&A document we set up your system for you, ready to go! Online and telephone helpline provided.