Bespoke Development

All our systems follow a structured method of providing users with;-

Information, about what it is that they are required to do and their responsibilities.
, gives specific requirements of what is needed and when.
Records, provide evidence of a task being completed.
Auto E Mail reminders are linked to required date/time intervals in each Record and a link to the Action Plan. This ensures tasks are completed in a pro-active, or, re-active manner, on time. Where actions become overdue, Auto E Mails are escalated up the management chain.
Reports, can be generated across;- single activities, single sites, multiple sites, Divisions and at Group level, i.e. any data parameter over any selected timeframe.

Systems are licenced per site with no limit on Users and no per click costs.

We own the core CMS system to enable rapid development of process management systems in any discipline. We can quickly bespoke existing systems or develop new systems to client requirements.

We can integrate to our existing systems to save duplication of data entry.
We can utilize our import facilities to import from existing client systems.

The processes are straightforward and require no specialist IT skills for clients.

For bespoke changes to existing systems we can incorporate new Records and client specific instructions and information very quickly.

For client bespoke systems, we sit down and listen to what you want and how you work, draft up a specification and create the system, including the Reports and analysis you wish to see.